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Mobile Computers (Data Collection Unit)

Easily capture real-time data and deliver on-the-go productivity with Motorola's mobile computers. Device simplicity designed for retail, public agencies, logistics and mobile fleets instantly extends organizational knowledge into the field.

 MC 1000
  • The MC100 is Designed for batch processing applications in light industrial, retail, government or warehousing and distribution centers, this device tracks your inventory more efficiently and accurately - increasing the speed of your operations and improving response to customers. The open standards-based architecture protects your investments, enabling you to adapt and expand the device to meet your changing business needs.
  • Memory : 32 MB RAM, 64 MB ROM
  • Processor (CPU) : Intel XScale 312 MHz processor
  • Main Battery:3 AAA batteries or 1 rechargeable Li-Ion 3.7V, 1,800 mAh...... Read more
 MC 3190
  • The new Motorola MC3190 brings cost-effective mobility and user comfort to key-based applications within the four walls. The rugged and ergonomic MC3190 offers advanced computing power and data capture capabilities, enhanced security and enterprise class motion sensing capabilities.
  • Memory : 32 MB RAM / 64 MB ROM, 64 MB RAM / 64 MB ROM, 128 MB RAM / 64 MB ROM, 128 MB RAM / 1GB ROM
  • Processor (CPU) : Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 Core Version, Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 Professional Version, Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1
  • Display type: Backlit color, monochrome...... Read more
 MC 9090
  • The MC9090-G offers advanced data capture options and integrated wireless LAN/PAN plus a comfortable ergonomic pistol grip to enable real-time data collection in scan-intensive environments - in the warehouse, on the loading dock, out in the yard, and in the back room or out on the sales floor of a retail operation.
  • Memory: CE - 64 MB / 64 MB, 128 MB / 64 MB Windows Mobile - 64 MB / 128 MB, 128 MB /128 MB (Optional)
  • Processor (CPU) : Intel XScale Bulverde PXA270 624 MHz processor
  • Main battery : Removable, rechargeable Li-Ion, 7.2 V, 2200 mAh battery pack; 15.8 Wh ...... Read more
 MC 55
  • The MC55 EDA brings a new level of flexibility, functionality and rugged design to size-optimized mobile devices, providing mobile workers with the power to streamline business processes, increase productivity and improve customer service. The smallest and lightest Motorola rugged EDA with a 3.5-inch display, the MC55 packs the power of a cell phone, two-way radio, bar code scanner, digital camera and mobile computer - all into a single device.
  • Memory : 256MB RAM / 1GB Flash
  • Processor (CPU) : Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 Classic Edition, Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional Edition
  • Main Battery : Rechargeable Lithium Ion 4800 mAh (@ 3.7V) battery with State of Charge / Health indicators...... Read more
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