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 AN 710
  • The AN710 RFID antennas offer all the features required for carpeted and customer-facing environments. A perfect complement to Motorola's FX7400 RFID Reader, the AN710 antennas are extremely compact, offering the aesthetics required for the most discreet installation in the most space constrained areas.
  • Type : Compact General Purpose Indoor Antenna
  • FrequencyRange : 900-928 MHz and 867-870 MHz...... Read more
AN 400
  • The AN400 antenna offers a new level of operational efficiency in areas previously too large to accommodate RFID technology. Its wide read field and high-speed RF signal conversion allows fast and accurate communication of EPC-compliant passive tag data. The high-performance area antennas are easy to mount on ceilings and walls to create superior read zones around shelves, doorways and dock doors.
  • Type : High-performance RFID Antenna
  • FrequencyRange : 902-928 MHz..... Read more
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